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  • What time do the races start and end?
    There are 10 races scheduled for the West Dundee River Challenge, divided by racing category. Races will take place from 10:20 am to 8 pm. The race schedule is available on our Schedule page.
  • How much does it cost to attend?
    The West Dundee River Challenge is a FREE event for spectators. In addition to a full day of professional and amateur bike racing, there are many free activities to do. Check out our Event Page for additional information.
  • Will roads be closed off?
    While some roads will be closed for the safety of the racers and spectators, there will be clearly marked parking available.
  • Can I bring my own food and beverage?
    You can bring your own food and beverage, but we encourage you to support your local businesses in the Restaurant and Entertainment Corridor located down the hill on N 2nd St. We have several restaurants that will be providing race day specials from 4 - 10 pm. Kid-friendly food will be available in the KidZone, provided by West Dundee Boy Scout Troop 32.
  • Can I come watch at any time of the day?
    Yes, bring family and friends to enjoy the racing and festivities at any time of the day. A schedule of the day's events is available on our Schedule page.
  • Where do I park?
    Designated parking areas will be marked. Otherwise, street parking is available throughout Old Town West Dundee.
  • Can I cross the race course anywhere I want?
    For the safety of the cyclists and spectators, there will be clearly marked and manned crossing zones. For everyone's safety, please cross only in these areas at times when Course Marshals deem it is OK to cross. Cyclists travel at a high rate of speed, and while you may not see any cyclists at quick glance, they can come around a corner and be in front of you in no time.
  • Where are the racers from?
    In 2022, the Chicago Grit Racing Series hosted riders from 42 states and 17 foreign countries!
  • What is a criterium?
    A criterium, also known as a "crit", is a lapped race on a closed course set on public roads. Laps are usually a half-mile to 1.5 miles long, typically with 4-6 turns. Hundreds of racers can pack a course, traveling around corners at +30 mph!
  • What is the difference between a criterium and a road race?
    A criterium is an intense race on a short, closed course, while road races are long, endurance-based races held on the open road.
  • How do racers win a criterium?
    Criteriums like the Intelligentsia Cup involve repeated laps for a predetermined amount of time. Officials monitor the lap times at the start of the race to determine how many laps remain. Racers are awarded points based on their placement in the race. Points are totaled to determine placement for the entire event. Success in road criteriums requires good technical skills, such as the ability to ride in a large group while cornering at high rates of speed and sprinting. Racing with a team allows for more strategy and blocking tactics over the course of the race.
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